I have a Wonderful surprise for you, and I am proud to say it is no scam!

BEHOLD!  VITAMIX 5200 & 6300 with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY for $266!!!

Sounds too good to be true?  ITS NOT!  Vitamix.com is selling their Certified Reconditioned Vitamix’s at the lowest price they have ever sold them for, straight from their site!  These vitamix’s have been used in demonstrations or returned by a customer within the 30 day money back period – practically NEW condition.  They come with a NEW BFA FREE 64oz wet container, the tamper, as well as the recipe book, and like I said, an awesome 5 YEAR WARRANTY!  You can choose between whatever colors you want, from black, white, red, blue, stainless steal, silver, and brown, etc.

SO ARE YOU INTERESTED? And I am going to teach you how to DOUBLE STACK coupons so you can not only get 25% off the already discounted Certified Recondition models, but free shipping too!!

BTW: To my knowledge, this is not ‘illegal’.  Many customers have reported Vitamix representative’s giving this same double deal when ordering over the phone.  However, not everyone who called in was successful.  You can call and confirm with them if you are unsure.

THANK YOU to the Vitamix representative I spoke with, and Slick Deals. I learned all of this from their wonderful site. Click Here for their forum for more information. 



1. Click on the link to apply the free shipping code.  It should take you straight to the home page: https://www.vitamix.com/Shop/default.aspx?PROMO=103113-02&COUPON=07-0063&gclid=CjkKEQjwodmdBRDm_ZLhorWm68UBEiQAKhO3_VDa7HBG1egRkfqfp5iyIqzbd3l1h_0NO0SBbJPEZGHw_wcB

2. Hover over ‘Shop Products’, and click on ‘Certified Recondition Blenders’.

3. Click on the 5200 (most popular) series, or the 6300 series.  Choose your warranty and your color and ‘Add to Cart’.

4. You should see the ‘$25 shipping discount’ applied.  Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.  Click on ‘Checkout without Registration’ and fill out your information.  Click ‘Continue to Payment’.

5. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ORDER YET!  Click on the name of your blender in your cart to go back to the page where you can choose the warranty and color.  Once there, go back to ‘View Cart’.

6. NOW under ‘Promotion Code:’ apply ‘07-0099-04‘ for the 5200 series, or ‘07-0099-05‘ for the 6300 series.  Press Apply, and WALAH! You should see the coupon for your shipping and 25% off applied!!!  Your total savings should be over $100 now.

7. Do not press ANYTHING except ‘Proceed to checkout’.  Refill in your information and submit your order for your new vitamix!!!!


Thats it folks!!  I hope this works for everybody.  I just ordered my very own for $266 two nights ago, I am SO excited!!

If you would rather skip all of these steps, you can always call Vitamix and hope you get a representative that will give you the double deal like they have for some other callers.  Not all were successful, so no promises!


Be sure to tell me how it worked for you all!  Order fast, they are already running out of stock;)  Coupon ends July 31st.


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